International Journal of Philosophy

Volume 3, Issue 4, August 2015

  • A Teacher and Researcher: A Scratch on the Science Community and Meaning of Evaluation with the Research Doctoral Programs Ranking

    Kiyoung Kim, Hyun-Meong Ju, Marium Khatun

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4, August 2015
    Pages: 34-46
    Received: 21 August 2015
    Accepted: 31 August 2015
    Published: 8 September 2015
    Abstract: The epistemology and phenomenology of contemporary society tend to be deepened, and the philosophical challenges never are minimal that we may be called to face with the kind of post-modern chaos from the rapidly changing phenomena of the global community. The ballast held on the identity of faculty members as a teacher and researcher now turns due... Show More